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  Housing in Alboria
    Player Housing
Where is the player housing located? You will find housing all over Alboria. The cities of Hillfarr, Amber, Flann, Ershiel, and Tamier all have housing. If you sarch a little deeper into Alboria, you will find other small communities of housing.
Can I customize my house? There are several merchants throughout Alboria which sell placeables for your new home. Beds, chairs, tables, carpets, walls, and much much more are available for you to purchase.
Is it Expensive? Prices vary depending on house size and location. If your looking for a castle, expect the price to match the size.
Can I store my equipment there? There are chests available from the furniture merchants to store your equipment. These chests are also lockable to secure your belongs from curious rogues.
Can I sell my house and move to a larger
house if one becomes available?
Selling your house is extremely easy. Once you decide to sell, you will be given a deed for your old house. It is up to you to advertise this house for sale. You also have the option to pack contents of your house. It will pack up all your placeables, place them in nice little storage chests, and you are all set to start on your next house.
    Alboria Castle for Lease House Interior