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Some information is easy to forget. Sometimes that is not a good thing.

Now do you remember if we should say hello or run from this guy?

Ah, where did that fireball come from?


Sall: Party leader? to find your friends! Well that is easy, Just talk to one of those floating light things. There is one right outside the city gate here and it can teleport you. Some say it can even set you to come back from Death! Isn't that Crazy?! I have a thousand Whoppers I can tell you!

Sall: You need a Map?! *Laughing* Oh! That is a hot one! No, Really it is. This one mage, gave the city this building. It was amazing! Just "Poof" and it was there. It is some sort of Pocket or hole into another plane. Some say it is just a big waste of space but you should go inside and see it! You can see all the major places around the world!

DM: Hillfarr and Amber have a Map Building. Just use your pull down map to see the map pins. The paths are links from area to area.


Dandy:  See the friendly Soulbinders! That is what we call them. They have unusual powers that enable you to find your friends or bind you to an area. You show up there when and if you escape from the Afterlife. You may want to find a few Soul stones too.

DM: You can find Soul stones while adventuring or buy them at Temples. There are also Bind stones that work to Bind you to an area same as the soul binders.

Dandy: The Soul stone can be used on a grave to resurrect the body of the fallen and
bring the spirit back from the Plane of the Dead. It is that or have a cleric handy who can do Resurrection.

Dandy: The Cost War was a time when a factions of deamons empowered and joined several kinds of creatures to form a huge army to overthrow the Kingdoms of the Dwarf, Elf and Human. It was marked by the loss of many main mages of the known world and even the clerics did not escape the effect. They lost most of their abilities and we were almost powerless to stop them. It ended without much known. For some reason the dark armies were disbanded and pulled back. Most claim it was the arrival of the Elves in the battle but, no one knows for sure.