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Alboria - The Bottled World

Knowledge is power, and power is what you seek.

Alboria Map   Map of Alboria
Feeling lost and need directions? Here's the map of Alboria. Try our Unique Portal System UPS for short :) Walk the Pathways of the Gods and BELIEVE!
Death’s rules of payment and tips   Death’s rules of payment and tips
Death happens. When and why we don't know, but it would be nice to know where we are going and if the bill is already paid.
- Dorrel
Sub Races   Sub Races
New to Alboria are Sub Races. Chose your favorite race from Drow to Undead.
New Game Server   New Server Status
Check here on the current staus of the new Alboria server.
Dueling and Rules of Conduct   Dueling and Rules of Conduct
Well basicly thats up to the Ladies and Gentleman that are arranging the Duel, there are a few Arena's available and an occasion Tourney's will be held by various DM's.
CNR Crafting Information   CNR Crafting Information
Hints and suggestions to crafting in Alchemy, Enchanting, Weapons, Armor, Smelting, Wood Working, Tinkering, Baking, Scrolls, Gem Crafting, and Tailoring. Over 1300 crafting posibilties.
Player Housing   Player Housing
Need a place to store your belongings and relax from all that adventure? Alboria offers player houses, towers, keeps, and a few castles you may purchase and set up.
Equipment Information and Charts   Equipment Information and Charts
You'll start your adventure through Alboria with the strength of your weapon limited by your number of season. But if your pateient, the good equipment will soon come. Thousands of custom items available.
Guilds   Guilds
Alboria now offers Guilds. Join forces with others having the same interests. Protect your territories, go on guild quests or try to invade and occupy other opposing guilds territories and declare a full out war.
Overheard Information   Overheard information, well worth remembering
By: A friendly Trash Pixie
Dorrell   Dorrell
So you've fallen for Dorrell's little scheme to get you into the bottled world. What does this mage have in store for you next.
Contact Us   DM Quests and Events
The Alboria DM's hold Special Events such as Quests, Treasure Hunts, and an ocassional Dungeon Crawl. Check here for more information.
Alboria Forum   Alboria's NW Guild Forum
For all the latest updates, information, and general chat with other inhabitants of Alboria, please join the Alboria Guild on the NW Forum.
Contact Information   Contact Information
Questions or Problems? Contact info here.
Donations to Alboria
You may visit and explore the vast world of Alboria at no expense to you.
Alboria is privately funded and maintained, but welcomes donations to help Alboa with the large
expense incurred from the server, Internet connection, and maintaining such an incredible land.