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What do I need to start a Guild of my own? First off, you will need to have a house to place a Guild Stone in. (See Player Housing) You can purchase this Guild Stone from any of the furniture merchants in Alboria.
After placing the Guild Stone in a house, you will need 10 votes from Players 15 seasons and over. These votes do not make them guild members. These votes only say that the player believes you will do well with your own guild.
Upon receiving your 10th vote, you will be given a Guild Book, which you personalize with your Guild information. Your Guild Book also enables you to send invites to other players to join your Guild.
What are Guild Territories? Guild Territories are randomly spread areas of Alboria that may be claimed by any Guild with 5 or more members. These are not easy areas to reach, and can be claimed another guild, even if you currently own it.
What are Guild Colors? Guild colors are an aura Guild members radiate when there are 10 or more members on-line. This color grows in strength the more members you have on-line.
Can we have Guild wars? Yes you can have wars between Guilds. You may also use your Guild Book to set your faction vs any other Guild in Alboria. This means that when in the same area as an opposing guild, they will show hostile to you in the player list.
What are the current Guilds in Alboria?
Guild of Light - for those of Good alignment
Crafty Hellbent Association of Sages (CHAOS) - for those of Evil alignment
Crafters Guild - for those interested in crafting
The Children of Ner'Took - open to all
    Guild of Light