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Equipment makes the adventurer. It also helps make you way into a city more exciting.

Just try walking by the guards in Orc armor. They have no sense of humor.

Come to think of it, neither did the Orcs.






This chart is on level restriction to Gold Piece value of equipment.
Any one item can not exceed the GP value of your level in any equipped slot.

Level         GP

1           1,000gp
2           1,500gp
3           2,500gp
4           3,500gp
5           5,000gp
6           6,500gp
7           9,000gp
8         12,000gp
9         15,000gp
10       19,500gp
11       25,000gp
12       30,000gp
13        35,000gp
14        55,000gp
15      100,000gp
16      162,500gp
17      225,000gp
18      315,000gp
19      360,000gp
20       Unlimited

Exceptions to this are:

Class Quest Items- no restrictions

Crazy Joe’s - The items are 75% of cost Use Joe’s chart (examine the discount card).

Crafted Items from CRN Crafting - GP value is only 10% of what they would be normally almost everyone can be used them by Level 2.