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  DM Quests and Events
    DM Quests and Events
Unscheduled Random Quests: From time to time, an Alborian DM will hold a random Quest. Just be watching the Shout channel for information about these random events.
Scheduled Quest Events: Larger well planned Quest Events are posted on the NW Bioware Forum a week in advance. Sign up for the Alboria Guild so you to can take part in these events.
Treasure Hunts: You never know when one of these will happen. Once again, watch the Shout channel for random announcements of Treasure Hunts.
What's the reward for going on Quests? Upon successful completion of a Quest or Treasure hunt, The DM will hand out a Quest Token. These Quest Tokens can be exchanged for items in the Quest Exchange. You will find a large variety of powerful items available to those who complete DM Quests.