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Now that I think about it, I want to try doing that again.

I'm sure this was a mistake.


Corps:   Ok I got beaten and I am lying here with -6 hp. I think I am dead, and I know our cleric here can't cast resurrect. Is there no hope?

Death:   Yes there is hope. You can be healed with spell or heal pack as long as you are sill on the ground. Until you go under -10 Hp, I will not take you. It saves on a lot of false calls. I'm very busy.

Corps:   I get the Death menu what do I do?

Death:   You have two choices here. You can hit the Respawn and I will take you now or you can choose to wait and be healed. You might restablize and heal on your own. Maybe, if that sword wasn't still sticking out of your head.

Corps:   I hit the Wait Button and I am just lying here what can I do? No one is coming to heal me and I am not dead.

Death:   I will get back to you every minute if you are not below -10, I will give you the Death Menu again until you go below the -10 or you hit Respawn.

Corps:   Ok I hit Respawn and I am in some sort of room what now?

Death:   Like all you silly fools you think you don't belong here. So you can try to talk me out of sending you to the next life. I am always working there by my desk. Never mind the ones that are traveling thru. Some just except that they are dead and want to get it over with, and no petting the Death of Rats he bites.

Corps:   Can my friends bring me back from this room?

Death:   Yes if they have the ability to cast resurrection without a scroll, or have what is know as a Soul Stone. When a person dies a little tomb stone is placed there. If used it will allow these things to bring you back.

Corps:   I have a Tomb Stone where I died? How long is it there for?

Death:   It will last long enough. (30 min Real time)

Corps:   Ok if I talk to you what will it cost to return me to life?

Death:   Depends on how young you are, I am nice enough to let the 1 to 4th seasonal adventurer return with no payment. As for over that, I demand a little life essence (xp) and some gold. We can talk about it. Maybe I will let you off lightly.

Corps:   Ok I will return I was only 2nd level you know.

Death:   You may return. You will go back to your binding point or if you are really nice to me where you died.  When you do go back your grave will still be there. If you can brave your way to use it, pray for the return of your essence. You will get some of it back. The gold I must keep. Ok?

Corps:   Agreed! Ah, is this going to hurt?

Death:   *Grins and nods*