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Other Races


So, you played the regular races and wonder what life is like for the dark side?

There are many races of being in Alboria and now you have a chance to try your life and adventure as a creature unknown by most.

As the list of available races grows, there will be updates to this section. Most of the Races will start at different locations then the normal races.

Some races are sensitive to the environment such as the Drow and the Undead can’t stand Daylight and have to be indoors or underground during day time. This will be found in the description. You can multi-class Races but it is recommended you stay with the Allowed Classes and most levels be put into the first class. Main Stats, portrait and other skills may be applied by Level 2. All Races must put the first level up into the first Class. After Level 2 classes you can multi-class. Some Races will get items that allow for extra spells and abilities set for there race.


  You will also get  a Talk Stone. This item may only work for a few at this time.  As these develop they allow for you to communicate in your own ‘native tongue’. The Talk stone summons a race talker that will repeat everything you say in Talk, Party Talk, or DM channel but it will be in the language of your race. For the best effect use ‘Party Talk’ with your Normal Chat disabled in you Chat Window.  Right click on the top bar where your chat rolls up and pick the lower item ‘Exclude Chat‘ on the round menu. This cuts down on spam. Some races will change voice sets and lose the ability of  Emote Voices. If the talk stone is active you can do Emote type things with your words such as: Hello, Goodbye, Yes, No, Threaten, LOL, and so on. This is not required to use but adds to the feel and RP aspect of playing the other races. The Talker will follow you across zones and in the event it can’t follow you, it will time out and send a new one in its place (watch your combat window while jumping to see the information come up).  To cancel the Race Talk simply use the stone again. The Talker must be with you or you will get another talker. If you log out you will lose your talker and have to call it up again upon logging in.



Play your favorite! Use this format when starting a new character –


Sample Race layout : Favorite for that Race will be highlighted in BLUE


Base Race      Allowed Alignment         Allowed Classes                      Subrace Name                  


Description :  What is added to the race.  Some stats will change with levels.


Click here for Back Ground information on the races



Base Race      Allowed Alignment             Allowed Classes                           Subrace Name  

   Elf                 Any Evil Type              Any    F - Cleric, M - Wiz                        Drow 


Description:  Char +2, Int + 2, Dark Vision, Move Silently +2, Hide +2

                    Spell Resistance,  Light Sensitive 



Base Race      Allowed Alignment              Allowed Classes                             Subrace Name

Halfling              LE, NE, CE                Fight, Barb, Cler, Wiz, Sorc                 Goblin        






Base Race      Allowed Alignment              Allowed Classes                             Subrace Name

Half-Orc          LE, NE, CE                Fight, Barb, Cler, Rang, Wiz, Sorc                 Orc        


Description +8 Str, +4 Con, -4 Int,  5% blunt resistance,  Skill Increase  +4 Spot




Base Race      Allowed Alignment              Allowed Classes                               Subrace Name

Halfling              NN, CN                       Cler, Druid, Wiz, Sorc                                Pixie 


Description +8 Dex, +4 Charisma, -4 Strength,  Skill Increase  +4 Spot

 Increase to Magic Resistance




Base Race      Allowed Alignment             Allowed Classes                                Subrace Name 

Half-Orc          LE, NE, CE                  Fight, Barb, Wiz, Sorc                                   Troll 


Description +6 Str, +2 Con, -4 Int,

                     5% Slash resistance  Regeneration,  Sensitive To Indoors



UNDEAD:  (Can be done in game to existing character)

Base Race      Allowed Alignment              Allowed Classes                               Subrace Name 

   Any               Any Evil Type                           Any                                                 Undead 


Description:  +2 Str      Light Sensitive