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The Drow are the Dark Side of the Elf races and play the part of controlling and binding the other shadow races much like the humans do for the ‘good’ side. They are far more advanced than most of the other races. As a Drow you mostly are looking out for No. 1! Your superiors want to keep you under foot and the other races are to be kept in line and under yours. The Drow have taken and controlled the Under Dark since the beginning of the Godless times (after the God’s left Alboria). They were used as the controllers of the Shadow lords vast slave work force, the Drow lost most of their prestige with the loss of their masters. Fighting to gain their own rights they have fought and won most of the Under Dark turning it into a Drow controlled Empire. They are determined to prove they can still rule the ‘lower’ races. For the most part in their minds, they have done so. The return of Loth (So she claims and anyone who doubts becomes something very ugly) has given you people new hope as well as dread. If the Shadow Gods return will that be the end of your freedom or a new beginning of  a new power?


Drow Start in the Under Dark.




To tired to write this. Zzzzzzzz.


Goblins Start in the Goblin Caves.




What can be said? You are mean and green and no little stick of a Drow is your equal. But they do help you with your goals so your people work with them. There is no record of where your people came from or what they did other then what you have now. There is a growing feeling among the elders that the Drow do have some information, but they say they have nothing.  The West Side of this land is for the Orc! Only by the might of the Orc army can it be. Your goal in life is to protect well, find a good pile of gold and live to tell how you got all the scars from your battles.


Orc Start in the Orc City of Gor’gurk




Hidden on a long lost island the civilization of the pixies are unknown to the rest of the world. Most view you as a pest that keeps taking all the good loot. Your natural (?) charm allows them to be viewed as neutral to most races and creatures. This gives a great range of places to go unharmed.

You main goal in life is (shhh! Its Secret !).  You do help out both sides seeing as you do want balance over all.


Pixie Start in the Misty Meadow.




Trolls are Big and Slow -- and if you say that to them they will show -- how you can make flowers grow -- with a hit of a swinging wood club!


Little ditty from a roaming bard sums it up. (Never claimed this was from a Good Bard)

You would do good to gather up enough gold and go see the goblins, you will have more fun.


Trolls Start in Troll’den (in Trollmoor)




You had a good life, was waiting for a good afterlife but Nooooo!

As an undead you hate everything about the living and what they have that you lost. As Undead you have allied yourselves with the Drow and the Orc mainly just to try to keep from remembering what you once were. They don’t mind your rotting flesh and didn’t run away screaming like your once so called friends. Your goals now are to gain power over this cursed so called life and to inflict as much pain and suffering on the lucky ones that are still alive. There is power to be found in dark places. Jealousy can be so cruel.


Undead Start: ?