Walk with me to a world locked away by the powers of long ago.

Your Journey Begins Here
  Your Journey Begins Here  
Enter the Bottled World!
The Bottled World Data

Server Name : Alboria

Mode Name : The Bottled World

Category : PW Action

Expansions needed: SOU, HOU, CEP 1.51

Direct Connect: alboria.dynu.com

Run Time 24/7

Running Since: 5/2003

Max players 35. Connection High-speed DLS (not DSL this is faster with more bandwidth). PVP settings for Arena areas only. All other areas are Party. Number of Areas 236 (last count). Thousands of custom items! Special class items for more Class abilities/powers.

Custom Scripts throughout the game makes this one of the most interesting mods. Not just for Hack and Slash, build up your char till you get to 40th and then start over. Explore! Find puzzles, quests, stories within stories. A rich history based on a AD&D world campaign that has been played by the DMs.

Community Expansion Pack